Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Why you should virtualize?

Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. Around the world, companies of every size benefit from either Red Hat or VMware virtualization.

How we can help?

Vendor Management - At initial stages of the project, it's critical to make the right decision to procure the right hardware and software of your business. Ascentia Technology has vast experience working with different hardware and software products, hence enabling us to have a crtical eye in selecting the right product and avoid major pitfalls and delays.

Virtualization Planning and Management - Planning for transition is detail oriented, requires experience, and delivers tangible business results in terms lower cost and better quality services. A solid plan and proactive project management ensures the on-time delivery of your project while staying within budget constraints. We are experienced at managing and delivering virtualization projects and can offer you insight into common road blocks that can affect your critical path. If you're early on in your path to virtualization or want to better understand where you stand relative to best practices and your competition, then a virtualization assessment is a great first step.

Implementation and Optimization - We specialize for a reason; our people have the skill sets and experience working with a broad array of virtualization technologies in real world implementations. By utilizing our deeply experienced people, you can have assurance that your projects will be delivered correctly the first time.

Operations Management - If you've already started to virtualize, or have existing platforms deployed, we can help you optimize those platforms and gain more efficiencies. In fact, we typically find that internally implemented virtualization platforms are underperforming and underutilized by as much as 60%. Not only can we help you deliver virtualization, we can help you deliver even better results.


See how virtualizing 100% of your IT infrastructure will benefit your organization.

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Virtualization Software

  1. Get more out of your existing resources: Pool common infrastructure resources and break the legacy “one application to one server” model with server consolidation.
  2. Reduce datacenter costs by reducing your physical infrastructure and improving your server to admin ratio: Fewer servers and related IT hardware means reduced real estate and reduced power and cooling requirements. Better management tools let you improve your server to admin ratio so personnel requirements are reduced as well.
  3. Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity: Securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments with no interruption in service. Eliminate planned downtime and recover immediately from unplanned issues.
  4. Gain operational flexibility: Respond to market changes with dynamic resource management, faster server provisioning and improved desktop and application deployment.
  5. Improve desktop manageability and security: Deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments that users can access locally or remotely, with or without a network connection, on almost any standard desktop, laptop or tablet PC.