Network and Security

IT Security is an umbrella term for layered protection that protects your IT environment from internal and external threats. We help companies create and implement an IT security plan to protect your company's IT environment, intellectual and financial assets.

Policies are written rules that are created to guide the behavior of your staff when they use your company's IT environment. We are an experienced IT outsourcing provider with extensive knowledge of how to craft the best policy to protect your business without interfering with productivity.

Risk assessments are performed by IT services providers to assess all of your company's potential IT risks. Ascentia Technology has performed countless assessments to help clients identify potential areas of risk and then guided them in choosing the best spending strategies to maximize limited IT budgets.

Defense in depth planning is the comprehensive IT security plan that an IT consulting company will customize to meet your business' needs. We have years of experience creating in depth security plans that protect your IT environment.